HYTEP – Czech Hydrogen Technology Platform
HYTEP – Czech Hydrogen Technology Platform


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Dear Colleagues,

I'm pleased to invite you once again to Hydrogen Days 2024, our already traditional hydrogen community event, now in its 14th edition. This conference serves as a vital platform for sharing information and experiences across European regions at various stages of implementing hydrogen technologies into daily life. Implementation is the key focus in today's hydrogen landscape. It not only paves the way for technology maturity and widespread adoption by the broad public but also addresses unforeseen challenges not encountered in earlier development phases. Real-life operation insights gained from implementation are instrumental in refining strategies for economic decarbonization.

However, is implementation progressing as swiftly as we hope? From my perspective, it's not the case. Various factors contribute to this slowdown, but we've chosen to highlight one in particular as this year's conference theme:

Hydrogen – implementation lost in regulation?

Regulation, at multiple levels, plays a crucial role in either accelerating or impeding hydrogen technology implementation. This year, alongside visionary strategies and exciting research findings in the field of hydrogen technologies, we will delve into regulatory updates, including integration of these technologies with renewable energy sources. We'll also explore the experiences of industrial partners in their implementation projects and discuss the support options available. This topic builds upon the educational section introduced in the 2023 edition, with updated content.

In a special event, we'll host a public forum for the Horizon 2020 project NEXTAEC (Materials for Next Generation Alkaline Electrolyser). Conference participants are invited to listen to consortium members' achievements in the field of next-generation alkaline electrolysis.

The conference Hydrogen Days 2024 will take place in Prague from March 20th to 22nd. Join us as we come together to exchange information and experiences, working towards advancing hydrogen technologies.


Karel Bouzek
Chairman of the Scientific Committee


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